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About Rezco 

Rezco Industrial group is the biggest and the most well-known producer of chair for amphitheater, cinema, office in Iran. Rezco is also the greatest supplier of amphitheater and conference hall in the Middle-East. Having executed more than 2200 projects domestically and internationally in the field of building, supplying and equipping auditorium, cinema and conference hall can prove such assertion. High knowledge, successful experience and resilient management have turned this company into an unrivaled company in the field in the domestic market and among neighboring countries as well. With ergonomic design, delicate scheme, robust structure, cost-effectiveness and five years of guarantee, its products have responded the costumers demand satisfactorily. Through developing and equipping its design department and upgrading its information in line with state-of-the-art knowledge and implementing these in designing its products, Rezco has expanded its activity and today with more than 150 staff in designing, executing acoustics in conference halls, amphitheaters, auditoriums, cinemas and hotels from construction designing to complete execution, interior design, production and installation of conference chairs and desks, supplying and installing scenes and stages, lighting systems, AV systems, flooring, wall paper, production and installation of acoustic panels, etc. We believe in supplying complete packages of services in the industry to our customers and to accomplish this goal we launched our research and development department in 2001 to give the best service with the highest quality. Publishing booklets about basic rules of designing halls and educational centers following attaining the standard principles for auditorium seats with Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran cooperation, alongside booklets related to ergonomic designing are some of the activities of this department. One of the distinctive services of R&D department of this company is offering consultation services to perform any projects based on its history, ethics and function. Incorporation of cultural and ethical know-how with cutting edge technology is an exceptional evolution in designing and executing any projects. Gostaresh Mobleman Asia company is the internal organization of Rezco group industry which not only offers products with Rezco brand and after-sale services, but also by having representatives to credible international companies in fields like wallpaper, flooring, and various kinds of fire retardant upholstery fabrics claims a crucial responsibility in presenting ever better Rezco industrial group services.