The cinema section has attracted people to watch big screen films for years. There is a need for planning, selecting and purchasing cinema. Cinema equipment is one of the most important parts of the cinema that includes screens, lighting, decor equipment, display equipment and chairs for contacts, and so on.
In this article, we have tried to explain more about the cinema chamber, which is the main component of cinema equipment.
Cinema Chair
The cinema chair should be comfortable and have appropriate viewing angles to all parts of the cinema so that people do not have a problem. Cinema seats should be comfortable enough so that people do not feel tired while sitting and watch movies and Enjoy theater. The cinematic chair should be designed in such a way as to cover all the spine and back of the person, with a soft and comfortable seat and seat. The seat of the cinema should be in such a way that, in addition to the same vision for all people, it should not be difficult for the general public to move. Nowadays the chairs of the cinemas have different sizes.
The materials and materials used in the manufacture of cinema chairs must be resistant to quality, washable, non-flammable, and the acoustic, sound quality that they absorb should not depend on the presence or absence of people in the cinema. Picking up the seats in the cinema is like laying amphitheater seats.
There are two types of cinematic seats, folding seats, which can be adjusted upright when standing up. This makes it easy for people to move and non-folding seats that are non-moving and fixed.


Buy Cinema Chair
All seats in the cinema are not equal in terms of quality and durability, there can be major differences between the seats. Because two chairs that appear to be identical in the images in a store may not be made in the same quality. Price is considered before buying a movie theater chair. The gender of cinema chairs and amphitheater is one of the most important buying factors, there are other reasons. For example, the size of the seat, seat and height is also important, because the size may be higher, the size and size of the cinematic seats is important because the lack of compliance leads to limiting the visibility of the people and the size of the seat should be standard To maintain the right number of seats in each row. The minimum distance between the two rows of seats in the cinema halls is 90 cm. Try to seat your chair to fit your needs so you do not need to spend a lot.
The table below lists the standard dimensions of the cinematic chair.


The cinematic chair should have angles to have a good view of the screen. These are the angles in the table below.


Cinema seat price

As previously stated, the price of cinema seats is determined by quality and design and at different prices.
Of course, considering each brand's brand, these prices vary.