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Managing director of REDCO Co. criticized the accumulation of producer claims

Managing director of REDCO Co. criticized the accumulation of producer claims

The financial barrier on the production of office furniture

Managing director of "REDCO" Company criticized some government organizations that have made many problems for Iranian manufacturers without undergraduate studies and having enough funds to start new projects. Saeed Rezaee told the economics world: "The most important problem for producers today, especially in the office furniture industry, is the accumulation of their demands from government agencies, which without having enough funds to tender and start the project with manufacturers. Decoration company and The cinematic "Rezuk" cinema was established in 1346 as the first manufacturer of cinema halls in Iran and has since become a multipurpose company with about 150 employees, sales agents and after sales services throughout Iran. Has been. Activities in the market of equipment for showrooms, educational centers and ... The main activities of the company is "REDCO". By expanding and equipping its units and utilizing the knowledge of the day in designing and producing products, as well as by improving technical knowledge, the company has expanded its scope of activities and now has more than 45 years of knowledge and experience in the field of designing, equipping and The acoustic performances of various public halls, hotels and public libraries are active.

At present, what is the size of the Razco industrial group and how much does it cover the domestic needs for office furniture?

At present, about 140 manpower are operating at Razco Co., and the company owns an office furniture, cinema and conference room of amphitheater furniture, about 25% to 30%. In fact, now about 30% of the domestic demand for this group of furniture is provided by REDCO Co.

Are you also active in the export field? Which countries are your products exported?

Yes, during the last decade we have exported to Armenia and there we have implemented three projects. In Iraq, we have been executing about 5 projects. The Republic of Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan have also been our export destinations.

What are the barriers to domestic production in your opinion?

One of the challenges facing office and amphitheater furniture is that project managers do not have the necessary knowledge; for example, in some projects, those who are active in the position of manager, deputy or trustee of monitoring agencies There is no information about this work, and despite this, they are trying to interfere in our own personal thoughts, which are completely non-documented and unpardonable. So, we have to work hours for each small piece of work and talk for a long time, and after all, work is done after several months. In general, there is a kind of inconsistency between the sex with the person responsible for ordering or monitoring the work.

The second obstacle is that, unfortunately, some executives start large projects without sufficient financial resources to show they have a good resume. At the moment, each director has defined several projects for himself that do not have enough funds to implement them, which is what causes the producers to be in trouble. I suspect that the Iranian industry and Iranian producers are without exception in such problems. That is our biggest problem. We can not get money from our employer, why? Because there is no money, and it's not at all done for that. On the other hand, our biggest problem with employers, manufacturers and producers is that we can not timely obtain the financial resources that we need to generate and operate.

What role can the government play in solving these problems?

It seems to me that the only duty of the government is to supervise the performance of its directors, without having the funds and without contracting, to start any project. On the other hand, the government should have direct involvement and intervention in some Projects and industrial spheres. Only the government and government executives who want to first trust the experience and the strength of companies and try to look more openly to the capabilities of the private sector; to support domestic production and domestic producers; and to Managers do not allow the project to be funded without the study and availability of funds Which, in the end, would be harmful to domestic producers.

To develop your work, do you have any plans to join and collaborate with foreign companies?

After the signing of the deal, a large number of foreign companies came to Iran asking for cooperation with domestic producers, but it did not seem to be a good result for many reasons. Many of these companies entered the country not with the aim of joining and creating a field of cooperation with domestic producers, but also to find the market for consumption in Iran and sell their goods to Iranians. We are currently negotiating with a European company from among the countries with which we are holding a meeting, which we hope we will achieve for a joint partnership.

Has the signing of the post-independence period had a positive impact on your activities?

There is still no noticeable change in our activities and conditions and it does not seem that a special event will occur at least in our classroom, although I believe this agreement could have had a positive impact on industrial and productive activities. In other words, if the agreement and agreement Expected to be implemented according to the existing documentation, one could hope for the future, but no signs are currently available.

What is the REDCO program for next year and next?

Our belief is that in